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Amerikanisches Propagandaplakat November 1918.

"'Under Four Flags', Third United States Official War Picture" - Presented by Division of Films, Committee on Public Information, 1918 : PropagandaPosters

Haha i love the part where Russia wakes up with a personality change! If World War One was a Bar Fight World War One History

If World War One Was A Bar Fight. This Is Perfect.

Funny pictures about If WWI was a bar fight…. Oh, and cool pics about If WWI was a bar fight…. Also, If WWI was a bar fight… photos.

Short video on the M.A.I.N Causes of World War One - gives the definition of militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism and has a free graphic organizer on TpT!(http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/MAIN-Causes-of-World-War-One-Graphic-Organizer-1050856_

Historical Understanding Describe U. involvement in World War I and post-World War I America. This video teaches about This video explains what caused the war this is a good resource to have a second explanation for the students.

History Wars : Photo

This sheet is a great informational piece to summarize information about some of the most important weapons invented during the great wars.

World Wars: World War One Trench Virtual Tour from BBC History

World Wars: World War One Trench Virtual Tour from BBC History - my grandfather was a soldier in WWI but the war ended before he shipped overseas. To all the soldiers in this war who withstood so many hardships.

Diagram of a trench in WWI

Trench construction in World War I

The Long, Long Trail The British Army in the Great War WWI Battle of the Somme Trench layout- i think this is a great overlook of the trenches and makes it easy to understand

Who is who in World War 1 - great map to use in class.

Reference: History: Oxford University Press Releases Whos Who in the Outbreak of First World War Political Map/Infographic (Free)