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スパローハウス - グラノラのキャラメルパフェ

Erynn wanted the Mighty Boosh (see our rabbit adventure details here) to be in her room as a house rabbit…. so…. of course I had to create something that worked in her room. The Boosh is a lionlop mix and has to be groomed fairly often, so he’s definitely… Continue reading

Looks like a House Sparrow. I love cats, but I am cheering for the bird, I hope he got away. The cat's expression looks like he was seriously hoping for dinner!

An action shot I managed to snap this morning, as this sparrow refused to land on the seed feeder, finding it easier to snatch a snack on the wing. A very energetic form of laziness.

Homes With Great Curb Appeal in Austin, Texas

Siding: Sparrow by Benjamin Moore; Trim and fence: Frostine by Benjamin Moore; Front door: Majestic Blue by Benjamin Moore; Corbels: Thicket by Benjamin Moore