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Students reject offer, thousands march in night protest . Read the full article here:

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Unpaid Emotional Labor | There’s also the fact that women are supposed to constantly be on display for men’s visual pleasure. This is sexual labor that women are expected to perform. Women are expected to be eye candy for any random dude who sees them walking down the street, and that’s ridiculous. The impact of this is huge. A lot of men expect their desires to be more important than a woman’s needs, and that is the definition of privilege.

Charlie Goldwyn's life hasn't exactly gone according to plan. Widowerhood at thirty-three and twelve-hour workdays have left a gap in his relationship with his quirky five-year-old son, Caleb, whose obsession with natural disasters and penchant for girls' clothing have made him something of a loner at his preschool. The only thing Charlie has going for him is his job at a prestigious law firm, where he is finally close to becoming a partner.

From Dr. Newberg's book: 12 essential reasons to Yawn (it's not rude!) - 1. Stimulates alertness&concentration 2. Optimizes brain activity&metabolism 3. Improves cognitive function 4. Increases memory recall 5. Enhances consciousness&introspection 6. Lowers stress 7. Relaxes every part of your body 8. Improves voluntary muscle control 9. Enhances athletic skills 10. Fine-tunes your sense of time 11. Increases empathy&social awareness 12. Enhances pleasure&sensuality.

Fantastic (and addicting) coming-of-age young adult novel that I had the pleasure of editing. Jenny Torres Sanchez puts together compelling, relatable characters full of honesty and wit. Charlie deals with his former fat-boy loser status, getting the girl who may or may not like him back, and his perpetual runaway mother who abandons him periodically. Despite his real struggles, you'll also find yourself laughing throughout.