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"Dean Winchester" by cakeiddy ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Diesel, Fat Face, Timex, Steve Madden, supernatural, winchester, dean and spn

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and I'm still in the dark cause I can't seem to find the light alone. #DeanWinchester #Supernatural


My friend Satan.

Jayne sells her soul to save her younger brother. Satan agrees to this and they form a friendship. She hunts for him and returns to hell every time she catches someone or something so she can stay young. She eventually finds out that her brother was taken to hell years ago and she wages war on satan with his own prisoners

11x08 Just My Imagination [gifset] - "Because apparently imaginary friends have boyfriends now." - Sully, Sam & Dean Winchester; Supernatural - Empathy Dean! - a good bit of editing to get all of Dean's hand movements in. lol

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Community Post: Can You Make It Through These 25 GIFs Of Crowley Without Swooning?

Are all demons this sassy? <-- yes. Yes they are.

Season One - The Benders. Is it odd that this is one of my favorite episodes? I don't know if it is cuz it takes place in Mn or what but it's a favorite :D

Episode one. Sam still thinks he's getting back in time for Monday


Dean Winchester Is My Man

Una vida SPN #Supernatural #Sobrenatural #UnaVidaSPN #SPNFamily #JaredPadalecki #MarkSheppard #JensenAckles #MishaCollins #SamWinchester #DeanWinchester #Crowley #Castiel

Where can I read this fanfiction, that is beautiful, I am literally crying with laughter