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Damascus, panoramic view

Panoramic view of Damascus, Syria, by Felix Bonfils, ca.1870. (Source: @yasirtineh on Twitter)

Damascus : A Panoramic View Taken From Muhajrine District, Circ.1840. Nabil Kuwatly Collection.

"Khorsid" area (Ras Al Khatt ) in Damascus .. The road to the summit of Mount "Kassioun" to see the panoramic view of Damascus .. There are the most dangerous crossroads in Damascus ..

Photograph of Damascus by Francis Frith [1822-1898 ] dated 1857 taken from the slopes of Mount Qassioun, with panoramic view of the old city...

Echo Logical

Los Angeles is not all mini-malls and highways. As Eric Garcetti, president of the City Council, shows, it is eminently possible to live green in the City of Angels. By putting solar power and recycled materials to use, he and his partner transformed a mid-century house on a cozy hillside plot into a sustainable home with garden terraces and panoramic views.