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Houston Humane Society idoptacam - idogcam View a live feed of a dog up for adoption at the Houston Humane Society.

THE HOLOCAUST OF XXI century: ANIMAL TESTING Very few people know what is really happening behind the scenes in laboratories to give them shiny hair and perfect mascara, or that painkiller that cures their throbbing headache from the big steak they ate the previous night. The saddest part of all is that this torment will always continue as long as humans are in charge.

Pian Shankong, a 40-year-old performance artist, squats in his underwear inside a dog cage in front of a dog butcher at a wholesale market in Guiyang city, capital of Southwest China’s Guizhou province, on Dec 19, 2011, urging people to not eat dogs. Since last year, Pian has traveled around many places in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in Southwest China to call for the public to love dogs, don't TORTURE THEM! Stupid People of Yulin!!!! #StopYulin2015 Dog and Cat Meat Festival - 停止榆林狗與貓肉節2015

The last thing animals need are new reasons for exploiting them. They have been drowned, shocked, burned, starved, bled, socially deprived, blinded, rendered deaf, had their brains scrambled, their limbs severed, internal organs crushed, suffered induced heart attacks, peptic ulcers, and on and on. Look at the terror in her eyes. We CAN end this torture!!!

Animal Testing

How can people torture an innocent creature like that??? I don't get it at all!!!! Everyone should stop smoking!

.Torture chamber ... modern cosmetic product testing. Makes me think of L'OREAL and NEUTROGENA, not to mention countless others.