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Fix-It Strips are fun and engaging for students! Each Fix-It Strip contains a statement and two answers. Instead of finding the correct answer, students look for the incorrect answer then fix it.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Camping Theme Unit

Are your students ready for summer vacation? This camping unit is a great end of the year to review literacy as well as math skills. It also would work great for summer school, or even starting off the school year.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Writers Workshop - Student Conference "Deli-Style"

I’m a big fan of one-on-one conferencing with students as a way to connect with them and check for understanding. I use this “deli-style” format with students as a fun way to let them know it is their turn to conference with me. Each student is given a ticket (from 1 to how ever many students you have in class) at the beginning of class and meets me at the designated conference area in the room when they hear the “DING!” and their number appears on the projector screen. Kids love it!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board and Activity Set

Nurturing a “growth mindset” in our students is a critical part of our jobs. Students who believe they can learn, who recognize that hard work pays off, and that minor setbacks lead to more growth actually can rewire their brains! This resource is intended to give you some tools to get these discussions going as you work to help students become more growth-oriented learners. Investing time learning about perseverance, goal setting, and helping students become reflective learners will pay…

from Teachers Pay Teachers

RTI and Growth Goals

Having trouble knowing how to set RTI goals for your intervention students? Have no clue the expected growth rates for students per week? This is the chart you need to know exactly what to write for your students' RTI Goals based on research based growth rates.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Detective Inferences - Teaching Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences

FUN Inference and Drawing Conclusions ActivityLet your students become detectives with these ten mysteries! Students will need to rely on their inferencing skills and use the clues in the reading passages to solve each case.***************************************************************************Use in many different ways!This activity is perfect for literacy stations or reading centers.