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Water Bottle Flip STEM Challenge

Students will love this on-trend STEM Challenge activity inspired by the popular YouTube water bottle tossing / flipping challenge.

Partner Discussion Cards/Conversation Starters for Math Practices

This product features printable cards for student partners to use for accountable talk when problem solving in math. The discussion questions are designed to help students reflect on and talk about each of the CCSS math practices. By placing these conversation starters in your math centers / math stations or making them available to students during cooperative learning activities in math, you can help students meet K-12 Common Core math standards.

Main idea is a difficult concept for students to grasp. Before having students identify the main idea within text, have students determine the main idea of a group of words. Then, have students determine what supporting detail does not support the main idea of a paragraph.

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board and Activity Set

Nurturing a “growth mindset” in our students is a critical part of our jobs. Students who believe they can learn, who recognize that hard work pays off, and that minor setbacks lead to more growth actually can rewire their brains! This resource is intended to give you some tools to get these discussions going as you work to help students become more growth-oriented learners. Investing time learning about perseverance, goal setting, and helping students become reflective learners will pay…

Measurement Magicians: A Measuring Length Unit

Measurement Magicians: A Measuring Length Unit contains various games, activities, and worksheets to help your students practice measuring lengths in both centimeters and inches. Answer keys to worksheets are included.

Detective Inferences - Teaching Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences

FUN Inference and Drawing Conclusions ActivityLet your students become detectives with these ten mysteries! Students will need to rely on their inferencing skills and use the clues in the reading passages to solve each case.***************************************************************************Use in many different ways!This activity is perfect for literacy stations or reading centers.

Ruby Bridges activities

With this packet, your students will learn about the life of Ruby Bridges with engaging activities. | by Satsumas and Bees

Nonfiction Text Features Foldable Craftivity (intro version and book version)

This engaging foldable pack includes two different activities related to nonfiction text features.

Halloween Around the World Flip Book: Interactive Activity for Grades 3-5