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Spray on food dye...This could be fun for party foods

German-based The Deli Garage Food Cooperative has developed a sort of edible “spray paint” product to color food called Esslack (“food finish” in English). Esslack was devel…

Tie-dye up some fun for these vanilla cheesecake bars -- YUM!

Rainbow Vanilla Cheesecake Bars

Rainbow Vanilla Cheesecake Bars - vanilla cheesecake with a fun rainbow swirl. Fun, festive, and perfectly delicious! My kids would get a kick out of this dessert recipe!

Vul een spuitbus met water en kleurstof, dikke pret!

20+ Fun Activities to Do in the Snow

Snow graffiti: give the kids spray bottles filled w/ water tinted w/ food coloring & watch the creativity flow!

Dave from Choccywoccydoodah demonstrates how to make a chocolate bowl.

Melt at least Two different types of chocolate into separate bowls. Blow up a balloon and tape it to a bowl. Pour layer of melted chocolate over the balloon. Set the balloon in the refrigerator to harden the chocolate.

Esslack Food Spray from The Deli Garage

Esslack Food Spray from The Deli Garage. Sprays edible silver and gold paint onto your food. i dont know if i could eat gold and silver food but cool

Shut the front door.... Bling out your food! Gold and silver edible spray paint for food.

Edible Bling Spray - Tasteless in every sense, this edible spray paint will coat any food you fancy with a layer of gleaming bling. Choose from silver or gold.

Use Airheads to cut out letters for Birthday cakes & personalize cupcakes! (:

Using Airhead taffy to cut out letters for birthday cakes! This might actually be one of the best life hacks EVER. I need letter cut outs.