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Tom Hiddleston. What makes his so sexy

Just kill me already and end this torture, you torturing torturer you! If I keep this up I'll have to rename this board Tom Hiddelston.

My job is to spread the love that is Mr Thomas William Hiddleston. So have a seat, make yourself comfortable and let's appreciate this perfect man all together.

Oh my goodness!I think Rachel Staplehurst may die too!

tom-sits-like-a-whore: “torrilla: “Tom Hiddleston at ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Paris Press Conference on October 2013 by Maxime Robini (x) ” behold, the blue shirt of sex ”

Tom Hiddleston  I'm not sure if he really said this or not, but it's a nice thought anyways.

Quote from ~Tom Hiddleston~. This is very profound. Our plans don't always work out, because God's plan is even better. This quote makes Tom all the better:)