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Akira Mochizuki — 2015.5.1 〜The Westin Resort〜

Narcissist / sociopath Scary that people believed you, fraud, false identities, lying, copyright infringement hmmmmm so many things you could have been charged for. Now history is repeating itself.... what's the definition of insanity...doing the same thing and expecting different results....

Cesar Romero (right). Jack Nicholson (left). Heath Ledger (bottom). Jared Leto (top).

Elephant grey and yellow Crib Bedding | Yellow Elephant 5 Piece Crib Set

Tokyo Ghoul Chibis [by]

IDEA TIME: what if Arcâs is like a bad guy but he loves Despe a lot? NIKOLAJ COSTAL WALTER OR WHATEVER I CALLED IT!! Anyway but he's a bad person and he sort of is a worker/lord for the evil king of ire (like the hound in game of thrones) but he loves Despe tenderly and he ends up dying to save her

Overwatch Family Meme Dump - Imgur

open supernatural rp; be either Sam or Dean] I was a witch, born one instead of using power some demon gave to me. I was one of the most powerful witch of my family line. I didn't use my magic for evil like others...I couldn't even really control my magic. I was now on the run from hunters because I was accused of setting an entire town on fire. I was now sitting in an abandoned building, mumbling words in Latin in order to hid the building..but it was to late, the hunters were here.

Overwatch Family Meme Dump - Imgur

Shinohara, Suzuya, Amon, Donato, Kureo, Akira, Kaneki, and Eto ||| Tokyo Ghoul √A Ending 11