Huge Great Barracuda, well-known resident @ Liberty Wreck in Bali

I placed in the Portfolio category of the Underwater Image Festival - Marseille - 2010

Great White Shark

Sharks only kill 5 people a year. But humans kill 4 million sharks. They have been an apex predator in our oceans a for millions of years and by us invading their habitat have fatalities occurred (Great White Shark by George Probst)

lifeofmarthesoldier: “ One of my favorite and most amazing things on the planet ”

What beautiful teeth you have! Great White Shark showing off how well his dental plan is working

Great White

not sure but this is most likely the female shark stumpy off the S African coast - she's grabbed the fake seal that is trolled behind the boat but she certainly catches quite a few real ones too

Damien HIRST :: The Immortal [detail], 1997 - 2005

shark's jaws can jut forward, extending their bite. Damien HIRST :: The Immortal [detail], 1997 - 2005

This is the goblin shark, a bizarre and rarely spotted creature found in water deeper than 200m throughout the world.  Very little is known about their life history or reproduction, as encounters with them in their native habitat are incredibly rare. Most specimens are dragged up by deep sea fishers.  They are famous for their strangely shaped heads - they have snouts much longer than any other shark, and retractable jaws.

Mitsukurina owstoni (Goblin Shark) found at continental shelf levels to deep sea depths the shelf is where most deep sea commercial fishing is done. Scientific Name: Mitsukurina owstoni Rank: Species Higher classification: Mitsukurina

He Come up To say hello  taken on my cage dive in SA

He Come up To say hello 😝 taken on my cage dive in SA

Gansbaai, South Africa

10 Best Places to Swim With Sharks

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