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Which "Moana" Character Are You?

Which "Moana" Character Are You You got: Gramma Tala Self-described as the village crazy lady, Gramma Tala really doesn’t mind what people think of her — and neither do you. Even if others might find you quirky, you’ll never stop being yourself. You’re very in touch with who you are and the world around you. Wise for your age, people come to you for advice frequently. But just because you’re the one always dishing out advice, doesn’t mean you can’t ask for it when you need it too!

There are two types of cute in this world. There is cute cute, like babies and bunnies and little pink bows. And then there's "bulldog cute," when a creature is so ridiculously monster-faced that all you want to do is kiss those big flappy jowls until that giant cartoon frown gets turned upside down.

Top Twelve Vampire Movies

Rip Mr. Lee. Thank you for scaring the living shit out of me when I was a kid