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This Mountain exists for a lot of Marines.

This Mountain exists for a lot of Marines.

I lived in Philly and never saw this sign...that I can remember...there are lots of historical signs!

Tun Tavern- definitely on my bucket list


Overkill It's A Marine Thing Humor


It's not a sniper cloud. It's just Chris Kyle protecting the Heavens.

Lmao!  True dat

Lmao! True dat

USMC--#Marines don't die, we just go to Hell and regroup.

Warrior Wallpaper and Background

Hell yeah!

God loves a Marine


Gotta smile at this for some reason


My Dad in heaven

Plaque, 11x17: Rifleman's Creed (Vintage) - My son's creed

Rifleman's Creed (Vintage) - My Creed