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NoMo & Phoenix at Paradise Bakery. We had an important business meeting at Paradise Bakery...and didn't even buy any cookies or anything. Monkey willpower!

Mom finally got to meet @Debbie Fonseca. Yay! And, Debbie got to meet NoMo & Phoenix.

So proud of my boyz - SMAC! Monkeys NoMo and Phoenix. We had another great meeting today. Inching closer to launching these guys and getting them into the arms of those with/impacted by cancer!

NoMo and Phoenix hanging with the awesome Bev Colan. Woot! #smacancer

NoMo at Envoy Inc. In Omaha talking some monkey biz. #smacancer

Mom resting with SMAC! Monkeys NoMo and Phoenix. I hate cancer.

Cute little Madison definitely has her SMAC! on. NoMo and Phoenix are loving this attention. #SMACancer

Ok, who's the goofy one around here? NoMo and Phoenix hanging out with Dan Tinlin at The Home Agency in Gothenburg, Nebraska.

Bob, Mom, NoMo, Phoenix and Mom's Oncology PA Linsey Allen. At Mayo Clinic in Phoenix