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When they are the first and only thing on your mind upon waking, when they cause the smile that stretches down to your toes and creates the spring in your step... that's when you know you've found your person, that's when you know you've found the one. You're in love. | Me Before You in cinemas June 3.

It's too bad that you have never known love like this in your life. I was hoping you would believe in me..you..and us. Yes, it's weird starting over cuz of memories and possessions...but you get to create anything you want...

Living He loved me; Dying He saved me; Buried He carried my sins far away. Rising He justified, freely forever. One day He's coming, OH GLORIOUS DAY!

An adorable gift idea that lets you say exactly why you love them. Author your own personalized book of love reasons. Each pages lists a different reason and is illustrated with your characters. Guaranteed laughter and tears.

I'll try my hardest to not do those things and I'll still won't be perfect but I will love you with every extent of my heart

Unconditional love for my 2 children (doves) -family- forever! (Infinity). Three birds in flight for me & my children. One more bird outside for Earl. Infinity because of my love for them all.

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