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Baby chick play yard...simple! PVC pipe + Chicken wire + Zip ties = Happy chicks :)

Photo Only - Baby chick play yard. PVC pipe + Chicken wire + Zip ties = Happy chicks… I would add wheels and a cover


How to make this simple, clean hen house: Make 2 separate areas, both with nesting boxes, to be able to separate mature birds from pullets and a separate area for a hen to raise her chicks.

Automatic Chicken Coop Heater

Automatic Chicken Coop Heater via Arduino

Automatic Chicken Coop Door, Solar Powered Heavy Duty

Do you want to enjoy fresh eggs every morning? Keeping backyard chickens is an enjoyable hobby and provides you with fresh eggs every day. To keep your new flock safe from predators and out of the elements, you will need to provide them a chicken coop.

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Automatic Chicken Coop Door is dedicated to chicken safety & owner sanity! This will allow chicken owners the luxury of sleeping in & staying out late.

solar powered automatic coop door.

I find this solar powered automatic coop door interesting! I don't know if we have enough light for it in the Pacific Northwest in the Winter time.