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from The Telegraph


Brad, 54, who has been photographing the Kilauea Volcano, the most active on earth, for over 20 years, said:"It's such stunningly beautiful, powerful force. Being near an eruption is an awesome experience.You are never quite the same after seeing flowing lava." Picture: G. Brad Lewis / Barcroft Media

from The Telegraph


Kilauea volcano on Hawaii, lava from volcano that has been erupting since 1983. A lava flow taking over a highway and burning the asphalt. This lave is so hot it melts and burns the asphalt, creating thick clouds of black smoke.

from Mail Online

Daredevil photographers brave boiling waters to capture the drama of searing-hot lava crashing into the seas off Hawaii

Colourful: Several different striking hues are on display in one of nature's greatest phenomenons - including grey, blue and red

Wonderful aerial photography acquired by the Landsat 7 satellite, Via butdoesitfloat

from nenuno creative

Incredible Fire Inspired Digital Art

His laughter rumbled like thunder as he struggled to rise. "It matters not what happens to me. My Dark Master, Lord of the Night arises, and there is nothing you can do to stop him." ~Wendy Hamlet (B5: Rise of the Phoenix) (Fire Drake by sansyu)

from Active Adventures

Hike the Tongariro Crossing

Red crater, viewed while on the Tongariro Crossing walk, Lower Central North Island, New Zealand

Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland. This is so beautiful! Definitely makes for some travel inspiration #nature #inspiration #travel

Aston Martin Vanquish - The most beautiful car ever made! I will own one if I ever have an extra 300 grand to blow on a car!