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#WhiteLion by Andrew Schofield

by Andrew Schofield

Lion Head Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration

A Lion head in black and white.

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Lion, elephant, wolf and owl animal heads - buy this stock vector on Shutterstock & find other images.

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White Lions are rare animals found in South Africa. These are some white lion cubs.

The Rare White Lion -White lions are not albino as they have pigmentation which shows particularly in eye, paw pad and lip colour. The correct term for their condition is leucism, a state where there is near-normal eye colour, but loss of pigment in the skin and fur.     The cause of the unusual colouration is the same as for the white tiger. A recessive gene which results in the white appearance is found in a very small number of captive lions.

The White Lion, Beautiful, Big, Rare Wild Cat Photograph brought to you by HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines (exotic Bengal Cat breeder).

snowy white lion...i am a lioness

Les animaux albinos

Who remembers this cartoon - Kimba the white lion? He's the friendliest lion around. Oh Kimba the white lion.

funnywildlife:  SCO1622 by ScottD Photography on Flickr. White lion at Wildlife Heritage Foundation UK

White lion at Wildlife Heritage Foundation UK. © All Rights Reserved - No usage allowed without written consent from ScottD Photography.

Beautiful white lion! They are endangered and very few left, unfortunately.

White Lions: King Of Kings

The rare white lion. This lion is beautiful. Imagine this lion, running through the African plain at sunset, with the rays from the sun shining around his mane, moving to the rhythm of his powerful legs.

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Reminds me of Aslan in the "Lion,, Witch, and the Wardrobe.gentle, good Aslan <---YES!

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Great Looking Light Blonde African Male Lion Standing in Tall Green Grass.

amazing picture of baby protecting mom even if just from a camera & check the albino lioness & baby very rare .

Isn't He a Little Cutie - 19th May 2014

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Rare White albinism Lion Pics Top 10 Amazing and Rare Albino Animals Related: Lions show love to human – Viral VideoMount with Mustache ( Amazing Nature ) Related Posts Loading.

White Panther | white panther albino | God's Creatures

white lion big cats are my favorite animals lion tigers Cougars cheetahs leopards all of them! They are the most beautiful of all the land. Especially tigers OMG. What I love is tigers are queens of they territory.