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10/10 would play this…

I don't play video games that often, but I would play the beast out of this game!<<< I just told !y sister the plot of the game and she was silent for 5 seconds before saying "that sounds good" completely calm. But THAT WOULD BE AMAZING LET ME PLAY


New Tarantula Has Been Discovered

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Darwin Would Be Proud

Natural selection in action… Installing a trampoline on a roof deck Up trees In swimming pools At the gym On safari At the seaside Scuba diving At the garage Fixing a roof In playgrounds At the seaside Demolishing tall buildings In the …


When I am alone…

Who googles this? More importantly: WHO PRETENDS TO BE A CARROT?! How do you even freaking pretend to be a bloody carrot in the first place?! Do you fear rabbits? Do you dream of the day you're harvested from the ground? What does this mean?!

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