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One of the most beautiful animals in creation. say no to circuses Swimming lessons Respect our wild animals! They are God's gift to us!

Stunning Cheetah - Night Stalker SOLD - Sally Maxwell, master scratchboard artist on imgfave

Night Stalker by Sally Maxwell. "All of the cheetahs I've seen are in preserves in South Africa, so I have not been able to view their true nature.

LIFE The only title you have for your best book. Watching a leopard reach its first year in the wild - it looks like he is in for…

Ross Couper is a South African Wildlife Photographer whose photographic pictures are featured in many popular South African photographic magazines and journals

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Don’t touch that!

Don’t touch that!


A two-month-old Sumatran tiger cub is held by his mother Malea at the zoo in Frankfurt. Photo by REUTERS/Alex Domanski :)

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They include a majestic white Bengali tiger called Uma, who weighs in at but can still accelerate at up to speeds of 47 mph.

Cheetahs in tree. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Cheetahs in tree. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. More

41387818bcdafb9cc28bd86fb4bfe855.jpg 483×700 pixels

41387818bcdafb9cc28bd86fb4bfe855.jpg 483×700 pixels