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Pullman train cars, the epitome of luxury Palace Cars, Superliners (284 of these), sleeping cars and passenger train cars, 1859-1981


Tuscany, Italy. Sunflowers bloom in the height of summer from June to August. || #Siena #Florence

The dinning cars of The Great Northern trains with their colorful decorations, snowy linen, attractive silver service and tableware are an appropriate setting for the perfect meal served.

The Rise of the Pullman Porter Pullman hired recently freed slaves to work as porters on his cars, serving as friendly faces and all-around helpmates for passengers. They became an iconic part of the luxury-car experience for decades, and Pullman became the country's biggest employer of African-Americans. Here: Pullman porter Harry Lucas prepares President Franklin D. Roosevelt's private car on his trip to Warm Springs, Ga., in 1938. and my Mom boarding the train..we always dressed up & wore our best hats..will go on a really LONG train ride son took me on a short one awhile back..ride a train..if you can & enjoy!!!!