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Funny pictures about CPR Instructions. Oh, and cool pics about CPR Instructions. Also, CPR Instructions.

Child CPR Steps - about halfway down the page.  Link contains many other graphics (some pretty interesting!)

child-cpr-steps-are-you-prepared-infographic - Current AHA leaves out rescue breaths for bystander CPR. Only chest chest compressions at a rate of 100 per/min and calling

i felt the need to review CPR last night... researched all sorts of youtube videos. i told bren tonight and we practised chest compressions and rescue breathing lol...  too funny but seriously, so cool how it all works! human beings are amazing. chest compressions are the shit. and we should ALL know how to do this! :)

This trait is about fixing problems and restoring things to their original condition. Everyone should learn how to do CPR, it just might save a life someday or "restore" life into someone

I can't stop laughing!!!


Aging Humor: Nurse: The doctor would like a stool sample, a urine sample, and a sperm sample. Husband: What did she say? Wife: They want your underwear.

Nurse problems...Kristen this one is just for you..no sunflower seeds with shells!

Nurse problems.

This is my are you freaking serious move.I do this and count to 10 to keep from calling people out.

sunglasses..rain or shine! the qualities that give pleasure to the very attractive or seductive looking woman. treat yourself and save $60 + free shipping!

Does watching 4 hours of Grey's Anatomy count for my Continuing Nursing Education hours?

And some people think our job is glamorous........

Nurses can diagnose DKA, C.Diff and a GI bleed with their noses before entering a patient's room. (i finally understand the GI bleed one)

Funny Wedding Ecard: If at first you don't succeed try doing it the way your wife told you!

Free and Funny Weddings Ecard: If at first you don't succeed try doing it the way your wife told you!

Funny Puns

Funny pictures about Organ support group. Oh, and cool pics about Organ support group. Also, Organ support group.

c diff and gi bleeds

Whiff-lash - Being suddenly knocked upside the face by an overwhelming and awful smell. Aka GI bleed or cdiff!