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I don't know the year or designer - I just know I totally love the back of this gown. I can only imagine what the entire dress looks like.I had a gown made with a similar time period.my favorite gown!

French, c. 1780

happytailor: ““ Robe à la Polonaise ca. 1780 The Met Museum ” ”

Marie Antoinette French 18th century Victoria dress. Credit/Pinterest

2014 NEW Floor-Length Victorian Gothic Lolita/Marie Antoinette/civil war/Southern Belle Ball Gown Dress US


BLACK ROSE MANOR- Jayne paced back and forth down the great hall after Sir Langley left. It was clear to her that Emily loved Thomas Langston. The signs had been there all along, but no one suspected a love affair !



Painted silk sack back, robe a la francaise, c 1770s

At the Sign of the Golden Scissors: Century Painted Silks: Conservation and Research. References, websites, scholarly articles and books on this topic.

https://flic.kr/p/huemgc | Silk faille dress, 1870s, Mme. Gabrielle | Sky blue silk faille dress, 1870s, designed and labeled by Mme. Gabrielle / Robes & Confections / 205 Rue St. Honoré in Paris.   From the collections of the Charleston Museum

The sky-blue silk dress Nell wears to Mrs. Gabrielle Sky blue silk faille dress, designed and labeled by Mme. Honoré in Paris.

An evening gown covered in Alice in Wonderland illustrations by Robert Cary-Williams

parachute ball gown - reminds me of a story Glenda told us last week. She said her dad once brought home a parachute and her mom made underwear out of it for the girls. She said it was itchy. So bizarre a idea, it should be I a coming of age novel.