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An incredible mantra. Waverider has the ho'oponopono brainwave entrainments that say the mantra for you. Visit @ #hooponopono #brainwave #brainwave entrainment

The Ho'oponopono phrases can be used as a forgiveness mantra, repeating the phrases until your heart softens, your mood lightens, and you feel deep resolution and understanding that harmony is restored. The ultimate outcome is that you can think about the incident and/or the other person with calmness and serenity and without negative feelings. If your upset feelings return, you can simply try the Ho'oponopono process again.

Ho'oponopono mantra: Heal relationships, forgive yourself, and create positive energy by Hawaiian Ho'oponopono. Just repeat this saying to yourself. Doesn't have to be directed at any one person but it can be.