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Darah Dean Gooden Fawn Collage

Tiny Fawn Collages

Edie Fawn Print by TinyFawn on Etsy

Julia Butterfly - Insect Art Print

A print created from the original Julia Butterfly paper collage on canvas. Printed on ultra bright white acid free stock paper using

Tito Tortoise  Animal Art Print by TinyFawn on Etsy, $18.00

Tito Tortoise - Animal Art Print

Modern Wild

love lost photography beauty trippy Black and White suicide beautiful summer birds gorgeous vintage green portrait blue triangle clouds nature colourful ocean sea paint deer Tsunami grass Afraid arts Blue Sky triangles lountains


Collage - previous Pinner said "Found this piece by Richard Curtner at the Mission Art Walk in Little Italy. It feels like me years ago. I love it. I want it.

simple line and watercolor art. how perfect for a nursery?

This would make a nice tattoo! From: Animalarium: Sunday Safari - Does & Fawns

Collage Animal Prints by Darrah of Tiny Fawn.

Animal collage prints from Tiny Fawn features. Theses really speak for themselves, in my view. They don't look as though they had been purposely put together to make the animals, more that they were happy accidents.

omar owl - print
There's a whole collection of these on Etsy but I love this one the most... it's an owl thing. I'm biased. ;)

Omar Owl - Animal Art Print

Omar Owl Print by Tinyfawn on Etsy Mixed Media Baby Art Print, Nursery Decor, Nursery Art Print, Kids Room Decor, Kids art

... It's like a dream...

*Winter Doe" - Ron Jones exquisite, etheral, dream picture of purity & innocence & beautiful sweet perfection!


Alice In Wonderland Papercraft. Cheong-ah Hwang is an incredible papercraft artist. Creating all the images above and below, which are paper, Cheong knows.

This one is the opposite: the central image includes a map!

Idea for using maps-Print of Paper Collage Art Penguin Art Antarctica Map Art Arctic Iceberg

bird collage

ARCHIVAL PRINT Passage / map art collage cartography travel birds mountains antarctic pattern embroidery geometry red thread USD) by selflesh

DIY : Digital prints on fabric with hand embroidery. This could be easily replicated for unique children's party mask favours! Print them, cut them out,embroider,& attach a stretchy waistband elastic.

Digital prints on fabric with hand embroidery by Laura McKellar. Or use fabric paint. Or even easier, paper and paint or Sharpie.