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indietrove:      This dragon warms my heart. Just look at those eyes! So soulful.  This artist does custom orders and intricate work.  creaturesfromel

Dragon - Somewhat Steampunk Style Sculpture made of clay and handpainted. Unique and beautiful! by Ellen Jewett, Guelph, Canada - creaturesfromel @ Etsy

Dragon Healing Empowerment Session. FEEL the POWER of these Souls for Motivational and Manifestation efforts! http://www.wispywinds.com/healing-empowerment

Elemental Dragons Fire, water, earth, and air all dwell in the dragon's lair.

Gothic Dragon Furniture | Sculpted Dragon Perched on Medieval Castle Turret Dramatic Decor Wall ...

Sculpted Dragon Perched on Medieval Castle Turret Dramatic Decor Wall Sconce

Perched Dragon Atop A Medieval Castle Light Fixture Home Gothic Products Gifts

Creatures Fromel - OnEtsy - Cold Porceline Sculpture

White Dragon Art made of light white clay by Ellen Jewett (Etsy shop Creatures from El) of Guelph, ON creaturesfromel AWESOME!

Dragon's Eye


Saphira's eye from the book. Speaking of, the book is so much better than the movie! The people who made the movie completed butchered such a beautiful story! Maybe if they'd stuck to the book, we'd have the others turned into movies as well!

Pentacle dragon

Anne Stokes wiccan pagan dragon fantasy art would make a great tattoo as well

Little Rock dragon by Reptangle

My favorite photo of the Little Rock dragon. This is the first paint sample of this piece- out in our garden among the real granite rocks. The rock he i. Little Rock dragon