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Blue Waterhouse A drifter and assassin/thief; nobody knows what side she's on. Known to have roomed with Ryker during her academy years. Has worked with both the good and bad guys. Known to have an affection for 'Stars', one of the hostages of Team Four. Allies: Caspian Pickett, Leo Wyman, Ryker, Team Four Book: We Were Born to Die

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I was so glad they brought her back. His Amelia. His girl who waited. She belonged there. And her being there made it alright.

I wished that in history classes I had come out with: "You remember that time Churchill was called Ceaser and the Doctor was a soothsayer that wore a toga and they talked about downloads? That was an awesome moment in history. In fact, it should be written that time stopped or rather happened all at once...really, true story." Gosh, what "idiots" we Whovians can make ourselves sound like.

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