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siempre estan ahi..........

It's almost Spring time! Can't you feel the warm sun on your face? Can't you feel gentle wind without that bitter, cold bite? Spring is a unique season - well, there are only 4 - so that's pretty u.

Poppies at sunset #flowers

Poppies - Come in many varieties. Some are wildflowers like the tall red ones shown in the picture while the California Poppy is low growing and orange in color.

Gespot door www.kixx-safety.nl:  "Gloves to protect and impress!" #tuinhandschoenen #garden gloves

Android Wallpaper, Theme, Background of Amazing Plastic Flowers for your Android Phones.

"I Fell Asleep In A Field Of Daisies".   (artwork by ?)  *My mother LOVED daisies. I like to think her heaven is filled with them...

Daisyfield—Falling asleep in a field of daisies is perhaps the most wonderful spring experience :) You should try it!

photo paysage de printemps

I’ll take you traveling to see the beautiful of flower garden in Europe. Personally these gardens are the most beautiful flower garden in Europe.

Mariehøne i forglemmigej

Ladybug on flower. Earlier I mentioned my nerves were going crazy and the visual was a lady bug. Things are improving so here is one lady bug to celebrate.

Calea I want to get married in a field of daisies, please arrange that. Should not be too hard, HA

Nothing like the field daisy growing wild Someone giving you a few of these "just because" even better

Conway Twitty- Brother of Rose (Rose) - YouTube

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