Wolf Catcher submitted the melancholic instrumental effort "Whisper" with the additional comment that he was "feeling sad today.

Wolf Tutorial by TheMysticWolf on @DeviantArt

Wolf Tutorial by TheMysticWolf on Deviantart Much need. I know it's not a pure white wolf but I still found it reliable to the board 😊

Wolves in a winter landscape. Norbertine Von Bresslern-Roth.

Norbertine von Bresslern-Roth, Wolves in a Winter Landscape, century (source).

Taste Art Print

Figure Illustrations on Behance

Cartes à jouer

"Pack of Dogs” playing cards designed by John Littleboy in 2006 & produced by Inky Dinky. The other three decks are Mermaid Queen, Bag of Bones, & Kitten Club.

silver skate snow sculpture by patrice

Some examples of the artwork on display for the annual snow sculpture competition at the Silver Skate Festival.