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No Need To Hide Sorrow Behind A Smile With These 29 Comforting #Fake #Smile #Quotes

a bucket list for girls replace my entire wardrobe with clothes i actually like

from Playbuzz

How Weird Are You?

No one said being "Lyme" green would be easy, but always remember you have your Live Laugh Lyme family!

It has to be really, really bad before most of us complain about the pain. The constant, chronic pain we live with - no, we very seldom, if ever, talk about it. Compare that to a healthy person who gets some kind of pain (headache, toothache, etc.) for just a couple of days. They're quite vocal about it.

Nobody knows how much I cry, how much I hate myself, or even how bad I want to die. No one. No one knows.

We had so many phone talks...sometimes two or three times a day. I miss those talks. ;(

Yep. Either my mind is full of all the sad things that have happened, or I'm too happy to think of them; there is no in between.

Silence and solitude... by lillian

Anxiety & Panic Attacks are a invisible illness. Just as real as cancer. <3