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In 2004 the first DARPA Grand Challenge for autonomous vehicles was an abysmal failure. That changed in 2005. So everything that's happened over the following decade has been quite amazing.

Here's my latest column, "Four Rules for Game Testing Our Way to a Better Future." Will it be possible for game designers to both model and test existing systems in a way to optimize their function? Can this process lead to a better future? In my mind, yes!

Those On The Front Lines Of The Aging Mega-Trend

As we live longer, we face serious challenges, such as a growing number of seniors struggling to find and afford much-needed care.The Ernst and Reed Bills would create a tax credit for long-term family caregivers. This credit would take a huge burden off the backs of tens of millions of family caregivers, who suffer from high rates of depression and declining physical health.

1-13-15 - Healthcare Technology Update: The Growth of Mobile Health Apps | | #healthcaretechnology #mobilehealth

Gary Oldman Losing English Accent

Gary Oldman has revealed he's lived in the US so long that he had to hire a voice coach to relearn his English accent. The British actor said he has acquired an American twang which is barely perce

This Tip Could Save You $50,000 on Your Next Mortgage

Here’s the one piece of advice that can save you tens of thousands of dollars on your mortgage, plus six more tips to help you get the best mortgage deal you possibly can.