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Spanish Game for Kids - Paper Cups for Hiding

foreign language games. Ideas that can be modified to do preschool and grade school fl activities. Great game idea for memorizing which can be repeated for other spanish concepts in the future as a future spanish teacher.

Kids of all ages love this game, from 3rd grade up through high school. See how fast the whole class can get through the sticks. Learn how here:

Umm did my teacher have pinterest when I was in high school?? This is what we did! Great way to teach Preterite and Imperfect differences.

Spanish Movie Worksheets

This product contains 3 student worksheets that can be completed while viewing and Spanish film or documentary. There is a new vocabulary worksheet, a theme and character analysis worksheet, and a worksheet to rate the movie.

Spanish Vocabulary Practice: Draw the Details

Spanish vocabulary practice is fun with this printable activity. Kids read short descriptions and add details to the houses. Then, they write their own.

Four Corners: Take vocabulary practice out of the classroom!

Four corners activity: incorporating movement is an effective way to teach Spanish vocabulary and common Spanish grammatical structures with kids learning Spanish.