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At The Gypsy Den for The Up-Do. #HipHop #FeelGoodJams

⋴⍕ Boho Decor Bliss ⍕⋼ bright gypsy color & hippie bohemian mixed pattern home decorating ideas - blues

☀the Lycaon pictus or “painted wolf”, the scientific name of the African Wild Dog

Pretty Things - Chicken

The only thing cuter than a meerkat - baby meerkats!

Going Beyond Guinness: Fun Things to Do in Dublin

Things to do in Dublin- Guinness might be the main attraction, but there's plenty more to do in Dublin!

what are you? i'm an otter. what do you do? i swim around on my back and do cute little otter things with my hands.

Such a beautiful majestic animal! Yesterday 06/13/14 on Yahoo's homepage was an article showing in about elephants being slaughtered in the Republic of Congo. Sixty eight were slaughtered! The pictures were horrific and so very sad ;;;(((

The best vintage books. Do you have one of those? Get inspired, always in an industrial style. #vintage #industrial #books | See more inspiring vintage ideas at

moon moon the wolf meme