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New obsession. They are all over out in Portland and in my opinion a beautiful addition to the outside of the home.

You're storing your fruit and veg WRONG

Spring onions need to be chopped up ready to use and stored in an empty water bottle then frozen so you cna shake out just what's needed

OH! Make a tiny little galaxy in a bottle - like tiny model planets and lots and lots of glitter inside a bottle of gel/water - yes!

10 Things That Happen When You Put Ice On The Feng Fu Point. Learn about the healing qualities of alkaline rich Kangen Water. It's hydrogen rich, antioxidant loaded, ionized water that neutralizes acidity and fights free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Learn More.

This thing is a skin super star! I'm tellin yo!

Rice is a cosmetic ingredient with miraculous properties. Rich in vitamin B which stimulates cell regeneration and slows the aging process, it can get rid of wrinkles on the face and neck. To prevent premature aging of the skin, Japanese women prepare their rice mask. If you try it, you need rice, milk and honey.