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Get the ultimate attention with UV glow crazy lenses. The intense colors, eye twitching brightness and the funky glow make these UV glow crazy lenses everyone’s favorite for Halloween. .... Read more in ====== Get this cool lenses here > ====== #Halloween #UVGlow #ColorContacts

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Since Halloween is approaching; I thought of wearing halloween circle lenses with halloween looks. Uniqso has an awesome collection of Crazy Halloween and Cosplay Lenses. I loved these halloween costume ideas with halloween circle lenses and decided to get into one....Read more in ====== Get this Halloween lenses @$22.90 only.

These sclera lenses are spectacularly goldish brown. They are perfect for Halloween looks. Phantasee Morbius sclera lenses are full eye lenses, 100% opaque and strongly pigmented.

Sunpyre sclera lenses by Phantasee are full eye red lenses. Very bright & glossy, these sclera lenses are perfect for Halloween and cosplays.

Blood and gore Halloween lenses are so real that for a minute they hold others spell-bounded & terrified. Unable to move, your victim will be paralyzed when he/she tries to look into your rotten inhuman eyes.

GEO CPA-1 are adolescent pink circle lenses bearing a crazy and unworldly pattern that help making you depict a perfect picture of an anime.

Halloween is coming soon in a few months time. {^__^}Every year without fail, you buy Halloween lenses to celebrate this important day. But do you know Halloween lenses in detail? Read on and we will tell you in A Guide to Halloween Contact Lenses ( ====== Get more crazy/ Halloween/ Anime lenses here ( from $20.90 ====== ‪#‎crazylens‬ ‪#‎halloweencontacts‬ ‪#‎uniqso‬ ‪#‎animelens‬

Off the eyes these lenses look like pearls, white with a bit of a reflective shine. Once you put them on it becomes a more silver color. They shine and reflect light giving them the mirror effect. Buy here:

I.Fairy Pearl black circle lenses have that huge diameter that make your eyes pop out and bulge with the bold black design that is surprisin...

Best quality Korean circle lens from Dueba, Vassen and Geo the best color lenses brands from Korea that you can buy on the only internet shop offering permanent "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" promotion and free shipping for all orders.

Nebulos Mini sclera 17mm Get them at #cosplayers #ohmykittydotcom #contacts #circlelenses #popular #cosplay #eyes #makeup #halloween #costumes

Get your bumps ready. Halloween is approaching like a bullet train. To create the most fascinating Halloween look, buy yourself a pair of "Dolly Eye Twilight yellow". Buy here: