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#REALwomenmove Transformation Story @skirtsports Read about Monica: " my journey as a runner has helped me be healthier and recapture my inner athlete." #skirtsports #transformationstory

Finding Happiness and That "Thing" @skirtsports Real Transformation Story - Jennifer O.

I have the Don't Sweat It Tee Skirt and it is soooo comfortable and I just ordered the Free Me tee yesterday. Highly Recommend!! #REALwomenmove #converttoskirt @skirtsports #ambassador @skirtsports #REALwomenmove #converttoskirt

Read Linda's #REALwomenmove #transformation story! "I learned something in high school biology that stuck with me. It was twenty-one years later that the lesson was pulled from the recesses of memory and it changed two lives drastically, and saved them both from years of hardship and agony. The lesson? We are born with a spare part. At 15 I decided that if someone needed my spare part they could have it. The result? On February 13, 2006 I became a live kidney donor..."

@skirtsports New Lotta Love Top! #thumbholes #longsleeve #mid-weight #backpocket #runner #active #REALwomenmove #converttoskirt #skirtsports

New prints in @skirtsports most popular style - The Gym Girl Ultra (GGU) are now available on Meet enchanted, frolic, stargaze and more!