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David Tao's Wedding

David Tao's Wedding


Funny pictures about Birds' life goal. Oh, and cool pics about Birds' life goal. Also, Birds' life goal.

PREACH'EM BOYEE, you fine twinkie >> Thomas is a literal angel ^ω^

Thomas Sanders, one of my favourite people in the world and I don't even know him personally.

Homeboy Industries.

Create programs like "Homeboy Industries" in San Diego.

A young Mr Stephen Morrissey of The Smiths. A 6 ft. Poster of his face graced my teenage wall! So depressing!!!

The Ten Hottest British Rockers

Morrissey of The Smiths, easily some of the best music I've ever heard came from this band. and The Smiths. then The Cure and The Clash.

Just goes to show that Jack's not nearly as selfish as he likes to pretend he is, and just as heroic as he wishes he was.

Conclusion: Captain Jack Sparrow is a freaking precious cinnamon roll that we must protect at all costs.

Just Because It's Animated, Doesn't Mean You Cant Watch It

Just Because It's Animated, Doesn't Mean You Cant Watch It

Anime is a cartoon but there's anime for all ages. Just cause it's a cartoon, doesn't mean it's for kids, like Family Guy. Cartoons can get away with more gore, and Attack On Titan sure takes advantage of that.

This got better when the king showed up

Ghost Friends

Ghost Friends - No wonder warriors strive for peace. It's a rare commodity.