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How to pronounce GIF

My class literally debated this yesterday. Yes, we did spend half a lesson having a debate about the pronunciation of GIF instead of doing schoolwork.

omg! i knowww! peope get so mad when i say jif! im going to start calling peanut butter ghiff!!

Gif Or Jif?

Big Bang Theory --- gif or jif ? I've been corrected so many times because a day gif.

Like - it's pronounced cuh-ri-bee-en. But in the movie - I pronounce it care-eh-bee-en

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I don't know how to pronounce it either, sorry Adam :-) <<< he also doesn't know how to pronounce gif (neither do I )

Mondo Mango :: Pronunciation | Tapastic Comics - image 1

I say u r l and I say jif but I use gif and jif interchangeably depending on who I'm with and how they say it

"Gif" sounds weird to me. "Jif" feels more natural to say, in the same way "Newtella" sounds better than "Nuhtella". Also the creators have said that's how they're said so... meh.

Jif sounds better, gif sounds like a retarded person trying to say gift