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Roundel Depicting Celestial Musician Densatil Monastery, Tibet 15th century cast bronze inlaid with semi-precious stones

丹薩替寺造像 - Tibet, school of Densatil 14th to 15th century H.27cm Gilt brass inlaid with gems, cast in one piece

Goddess Mayamayuri (?) gilt copper with turquoise and semi-precious stones height 44 cm Densatil monastery, Tibet ca. 1350-1400

丹薩替寺造像 - Central Tibet, school of Densatil Monastery Late 14th century H.45cm Gilt copper inlaid with gem, cast in one piece

Marble statue of a lion.Marble statues of lions were sometimes used as tomb monuments or as guardians at both ends of a large tomb facade. Like many classical Greek works of art, this statue was taken to Rome during the imperial period. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This mandala, or ritual diagram, is conceived as the palace of the wrathful Chakrasamvara and his consort Vajravarahi, seen together at the center of the composition. These deities are important to the Newar tradition of Nepal as well as in Tibet, embodying the esoteric knowledge of Buddhist texts, the Yoga Tantras