Don't hold back from reaching out to others just because you don't feel well. You are one of the few who have been extra-qualified to offer compassion #lisacopen #illness #quote

It's hard to find great physicians. So far I've been lucky enough to find several. It took a lot to get there though.

It is so hard to be kind when we feel terrible. We end up praying for everyone around us to understand and be what we need them to be. This is when I ned God's grace more than ever and to remember my words (kind... or not...) DO make a difference! #lisacopen #illness #quote

And if you can't say something nice just say nothing at all....sometimes you just have to bite the heck out of your tongue

Fits with the quote in the Caring for the Heart study....if you aren't loving someone you are judging them. Such a powerful concept. I get so hung up on someone's actions that I forget they are a person with real feelings and they are most likely hurting.

Don't ever let anyone put you down. Brush yourself off and get back up. Your better than all the B.S.

Having an abundant life despite being ill isn't the result of learning to rest or doing the right therapies. An abundant life comes from abiding in Christ, which requires no physical effort. Lisa Copen #illness #quote #lisacopen

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