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Goritsy. There are interesting two monasteries: Ferapontov and Cyril Belozersky

Moscow Archangel Michael Cathedral entrance. Victories of the Russian military were celebrated in the Cathedral of the Archangel. All Russian Tsars & Grand Princes were buried in the Cathedral until the time of Peter I the Great. The sole exception is Tsar Boris Fyodorovich-Feodorovich Godunov (c.1551- 23 Apr 1605) Russia & his family, probably because he took the throne instead of honoring the centuries long Rule of Inheritance by the prior ruler’s family line.

Своды Спасо-Преображенского собора-Uglich

10 Most Amazing Places To Visit in Europe

Lake Bled, Slovenië. Prachtige sprookjesachtige omgeving. Ligt op een uur rijden van de Zuid-Karinthische stad Klagenfurt. Moet je eigenlijk twee dagen voor uittrekken als je heen en weer reist vanuit Oostenrijk.

Yaroslavl region, was settled at the end of the late Paleolithic (about 20-13 thousand years BC. E.) After the retreat of the last glacier. The only known monument of the time in the parking area is near the village Zolotoruche of Uglich. In the Mesolithic (12-5 thousand years BC. E.) For the province settled primitive hunters.