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Tissot seaside costume- same as Ball on shipboard

Seaside costume, 1885-1889 Metropolitan Museum of Art Stripes are amazing

This white cotton dress is from around the late 1880s, and is an example of a typical dress that would have been worn on a seaside vacation. While this might seem like a very formal — and very elaborate — dress for beachware by today's standards, this dress would have been considered lightweight. Kent State University Museum

Bathing, sport and seaside fashions, 1880’s, source missing

Woman's Seaside Ensemble (Overdress and Petticoat) Europe, circa 1870 Cotton plain weave, printed (M.2007.211.885a-b) | LACMA Collections

Old Rags - Yachting and seaside dresses, 1885 US, Harper’s Bazaar

Boating Dress | c. 1872 Almost bustle era This is a jaunty, sensible woman’s outfit of the early 1870s designed for boating or seaside walking. A hemline just at the ankle indicates a garment intended for walking outdoors. The style of the dress has been inspired by the colors and stripes of sailors’ uniforms. Made of cotton, easily washed and dried. Despite its practical use, the ensemble still incorporates the details of fashionable dress, with an overskirt in front & a bustle worn…