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Douglas Booth et Miley Cyrus dans LOL USA

Douglas Booth stars as Kyle and Miley Cyrus stars as Lola in Lionsgate Films' LOL - Movie still no 8

DONE! 3/8/12


Before I die, I will meet Josh Hutcherson, and then we will get married.


:: My Adventure Book - Inspiration for next travel scrapbook/journal ::

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it's a life long process to be a great parent! I hope to be a great of a parent as my parents have been are still are to me! And then one day be an amazing grandparent as they are to!

 YES PLEASE!!!!!!! Some of my best days  were  spent loving on homeless animals.

Volunteer/Service - I've always wanted to adopt a dog from the shelter but my parents don't like the idea, and I've seen many videos and one day I want to help these cute animals

Before I die, I want to ...

The Real-Life "Up" Movie House: Interior Photos

Bucket List : Visit the house in Up. It resides in Herriman, Utah, in case you're wondering. Ps in up it dosnt have a garage