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I NEED THIS!! (And I don't even play Chess... but I can watch my 10 year old play ;-))... Doctor Who Lenticular Animated Chess Set

Fight the good fight on the team of The Doctor with his friends Amy, Rory, River, and the TARDIS and battle the forces of evil and save the universe. Each set includes 32 lenticular animated chess pieces and the game board with the Pandorica symbol on it.

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These Geek Hoodies Will Make You The Envy Of Your Friends

We got a little bit carried away when it came to finding the best geek hoodies. So here are 32 geek hoodies that'll put you on top of the geek hierarchy.

Doctor Who Pajama Pants $19.99

Doctor Who Pajama Pants

ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who Pajama Pants ((Hmmm - Maybe for my PJ


TARDIS no lixo

ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who TARDIS Waste Basket i believe ThinkGeek should be a more popular site, they have awesome stuff

Doctor Who 11th Doctor sonic screwdriver programmable Tv remote

Doctor Who Doctor sonic screwdriver programmable Tv remote

Giant inflatable Dalek

A life size red Dalek that can be yours. this Doctor Who enemy is inflatable making it fun for at home and parties.

Pac Man blanket

Pac-Man Blanket - Stay warm while playing video games all winter long as you cozy up with the Pac-Man blanket. Made out of fleece, this throw blanket would look grea.

Doctor Who License Plate Frame - I sadly need to replace my current St. Louis Cardinals frame. This might be a perfect replacement.

This would make me take my Bronco's frame off my plates! ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who License Plate Frame