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Awwww! *^* It seems to be a Lovebird (yeah it's the species name) - a particular parrot who can't live without his/her partner. Cutie! :3

Wish I had one of these in casa bonita beautiful green parrot budgie bird pet

Crow "Handsome fellow," She said. Blue-black, Eyes of knowing, cocked Head, he is peering At her with certainty." His answer of love.

Antonio Mora - Madrid

MADRID ANTONIO MORA (aka mylovt) ~ a Spanish artist who combines with talent portraits photographed in various landscapes

ViaMoi - Mallard Duck

The mallard duck is a type of duck. This animal makes nests near the edge of ponds using twigs, leaves, and cattails. It usually eats water plants and small animals.

Coconut Octopus-yes this is real! Although the little suckers seem to be illuminated, they don't light up. This octopus likes coconut shells-hence the name: Coconut Octopus

Coconut Octopus

Blue glowing coconut octopus, aka Veined Octopus (worth clicking on to see the bigger picture)

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Mallard In-flight Related Keywords & Suggestions - Mallard In-flight Long Tail Keywords