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http://www.tipsforplanningaparty.com/howtothrowaraveparty.php has some information on to throw and host a rave.

Music Play List: After Party/ Dance Club/ Kick Back/ Party Time/ Pre-Game/ Sorority/ Techno Rave

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Nibiru is Coming! The Mayan Apocalypse Party Starts Now!

Headress for our snake warrior.

Headress for our snake warrior.

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End of the World Party Ideas

Whether or not it does why not plan the perfect party to celebrate the end of days!

Mayan temple constructed for party

Mayan temple constructed for party

what the heck! made me laugh so hard

The loveable lawn gnomes have been infected and turned into the walking dead – now no lawn is safe from the growing army of zombie lawn gnomes. Here we see three gnomes brutally devouring a pink flamingo who will soon reanimate as the undead.

Coffee creamer containers, fill with candy for a gift!

Nichole----you should start saving your creamer bottles.Coffee creamer bottles made into snowmen - this would be a cute kids craft.