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Writers are funny individuals. Give them a spacious modern office with all sorts of bells and whistles and they are in virtually immobilized, but put them in a tiny, quiet corner with hardly a comfortable angle and they are happy as clams.

Any Truly Unique Room Needs a Stunning Centre Piece. These impressive one-of-a-kind tables will ignite conversation and be the envy of all your guests…

Make use of all available space in your kitchen....drawers UNDER the cabinets! Great for cookie sheets, large platters, etc.

Off the Hinge | art makes a space your home; don't be afraid to pound a nail in the wall | Bayer Built Woodworks, Inc.:

From designshack1980 on eBay. He's a carpenter who I used to make our table at home - produces good work at minimal cost. This is a John Lewis Calia Style Vintage Industrial Rustic Reclaimed Top Dining Table

We make tables to make any room feel really special. Every single table is a unique centre-piece that has been meticulously designed and built to last you for a lifetime... to be something that you're proud to have at the heart of your home and look at every day. To see all our designs and prices just go to http://tarzantables.co.uk/large-oak-dining-table/

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