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Happy fairy tail scarf/hat so kawaii!!

Happy fairy tail scarf/hat so kawaii!

That's why I'm on Epsiode 111 right now, because Fairy Tail never has a boring episode. :)

The first few seconds: Me: *laughs insanely* Mum: *stares at me as if I'm an insane person* Me: *continues laughing insanely*

Fairy Tail

I have Mira Jane, and it's funny cause I can relate to her the most in terms of personality.


Fairy Tail>>so I just finished Fairy Tail. I'm so sad. I'm watching Fairy Tail Zero now.

Kawaii Nalu    (Admin on Fairy Tail's page on Facebook)

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Yep, that’s  fairy tail alright

One of my favorite NaLu episodes aside from the one when Mirajane convinced Lucy that Natsu liked her

Natsu... HE'S SO CUTE!!! I LOVE HIM!!!

Earthland Natsu and Edo Natsu. OMG Edo Natsu was so fricking cute it made me love Natsu even