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Attempting Agape: I Could Not Be a Foster Parent Without, 2

This is my attempt to make lives more simple, more meaningful and more beautiful, through photography, organizing & foster care adoption.

Attempting Agape: The first night in foster care: what you need to know

As a foster parent - How to help kids settle in on their first night in foster care (or first night in your home). Lots of wonderful suggestions

"All the Dirt on Foster Care and Why You should still do it"  - Every episode on this podcast is awesome. Start from the beginning if you can - so worth it!

Join foster parents T and W as they discuss foster care. With humor, insight and Christian faith, they share their everyday ups and downs as a foster family hoping to adopt. What exactly are the pros and cons of foster parenting?

Pray for them foster parents

Praying for all the foster parents out there and hoping to join their ranks someday soon.

Couldn't have said this better myself..." constantly telling us you’d never be able to foster because you can’t imagine letting go isn’t really the best way to show that support. Rather, it makes us feel misunderstood and alone in our mission, and in this mama’s opinion, that loneliness is absolutely the hardest part of fostering."

As a foster parent, I’m asked questions all the time. The sweet little guy we have in our home right now draws interest wherever we go (babies just do!

How a foster family supported reunification with birthfamily! #fostercare

Foster Care Isn't About You - Birthfamily Reunion

A few months back, a few of us started talking about how we weren’t able to find a lifebook that we really, really liked. We wanted one we could print off with each kid who came into our home…

For the best results, print it on card stock and let your child make it their own by allowing them to color in the frames, and use colorful scrapbook pens or markers to fill in the information.

Setting up a Bedroom for Foster Care

When a person decides to become a foster parent, they often wonder the best way of setting up a bedroom for foster care. Waiting for the call is tough, and shopping and painting and all the decorat…

How To Prepare A Bedroom For Foster Child | Perpetual Fostering

Not only do you need a spare bedroom to be a foster carer, you also need to prepare it in a way that is calm & comforting for when a foster child arrives.