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Bright Pink (ZsaZsa Bellagio)

~~Heart of Pink ~ Grevillea by Penny Smith~~ Love the bright pink color of this flower.

Dahlia 'American Dawn' Nice color! Grow as an annual OR dig up the tubers at the end of the season and store in the cellar for the winter

Dahlia 'American Dawn' Dahlia's are so beautiful! They are definitely my favorite flower.

Flowers on Pinterest | Pansies, Blue Flowers and Gerbera

Osteospermum "light copper" - Osteospermum is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Calenduleae, one of the smaller tribes of the sunflower/daisy family Asteraceae I love this idea for colors of a tattoo

Black bat flower

Black Bat Flower I am not sure whether it's the WHOLE flower that's the bat (it looks kind of bat-faced) or the middle part (pistil?) that also looks a bit like a tiny bat face. I love orchids; I love bats; and I love purple.

Blue Clematis - Another beautiful blue flower for summertime gardens - makes it feel cooler just being around them!

Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue by Dave Bosse - Blue On Blue Photograph - Blue On Blue Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

I like these colors together ALOT

The 'Brass Band' rose is a favorite color combo of peach and pink and apricot!

_Jubilee celebration

~Ana Rosa - looking at these, I am ready for my roses to bloom again. too much winter rain here.

Günaydın, gününüzün keyifle geçmesi dileğiyle...

Queen's Tears - the color is unbelievable! It is a bromeliad, billbergia nutans known as a friendship plant (give its babies away). From Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay & Argentina. Makes a great house plant.

~~London Pride ~ Saxifraga x urbium by Alan By The Sea~~

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